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Here is our full listing of pages about gold coins of various types:

World Gold Coins by Country:

Arabian Gold Coins | Austrian Gold Coins | Danish Commemorative Gold Coins | Indian Gold Coins | Persian Gold Coins | Philippine Gold Coins | Singapore Gold Coins | South Korean Gold Coins | Thailand Gold Coins

World Gold Coins by Coin Type:

Arabic Gold Dinar | Friedrich D'Or | Chevronets | Gold Demy | Gold Doubloon | Gold Duplone | Gold Ecu | Gold Escudo | Gold Excelente | Gold Florin | Gold Kroner | Gold Louis | Gold Moidore | Gold Napoleon | Gold Peseta | Gold Pistole | Gold Portugaleser | Gold Reais | Gold Reis | Gold Rigsdaler | Gold Scudo | Gold Sequin | Gold Tari | Gold Zloty | Hungarian Gold Forint | Islamic Gold Dinar | Kelantanese Dinar | Livre Tournois | Russian Gold Rubles | Russian Imperial Gold Coin

Ancient Gold Coins (pre 1200 AD):

Ancient Gold Coins (overview) | Ancient Gold Coins | Ancient Japanese Gold Coins | Celtic Gold Coins | Lydian Gold Coins | Roman Gold Coins Ancient Egyptian Gold Coins | Gold Aureus | Gold Daric | Gold Maravedi | Gold Mnaieion | Gold Solidus | Gold Stater | Gold Tremissis | Gold Histamenon | Gold Hyperpyron | Gold Michaelaton | Gold Semissis | Gold Tetarteron |

English Gold Coins:

English Gold Coins (overview) | Gold Penny | Gold Florin | Gold Noble | Gold Ryal | Gold Laurel | Gold Unite | Triple Unite | Gold Crown | Gold Angel | Gold Guinea | Gold Coins Of The Black Prince | Five Guineas | Gold Sovereigns | Fine Sovereign | Double Sovereign | Two Pound Coin | Five Pound Coin | Gold Proof Coins | Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins

Gold Bullion Coins:

Gold Bullion Coins | 2000 Sydney Olympic Gold Coins | 2012 Australia Team Gold Coin | American Gold Buffalo | American Gold Eagle | Australian Diamond Jubilee Gold Coin | Australian Gold Bullion Coins | Australian Gold Koalas | Australian Gold Nugget | Australian Gold Sovereigns | Australian Lunar Gold Coins | Canadian Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins | Canadian Gold Maple Leaf | Chinese Gold Panda | Chinese Lunar Gold Bullion Coins | Commemorative Gold Euro Coins | Discover Australia Gold Bullion Coins | Gold Britannia | Gold Krugerrand | Treasures Of Australia Gold Coins | Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

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