Sydney Olympic Games Gold Coins

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What are the 2000 Sydney Olympic Gold Coins?

The 2000 Sydney Olympic commemorative gold coins are specially minted gold coin proofs that showcase the progress of the Olympic Games held in Sydney, Australia more than a decade ago. Incorporating a variety of metalworking aesthetics to create truly stunning and inimitable commemorative coins, the 2000 Sydney Olympic gold coins are still some of the most celebrated and prized of all numismatic creations.

Minted as an eight-coin themed set that displays different scenarios represented by the whole of the Olympic Games, these gold coins features unique looks per coin that has been achieved by combining expert metalworking and the then yet-unpopular practice of coloring gold. Owing to its unique and still inimitable design, the 8-piece coin set has been prized by many a collector fortunate enough to have acquired a whole set, and is to this day still one of the most artistic of all gold coins.[1] Made form 99.99% fine pure gold, each coin features a high-relief tooled design offset by choice colorations that allow the coin to truly stand out. Designed by a variety of different artists and tooled down to the minutest of details, these coins feature a unique black background that fully compliments the gold designs and the chosen colors that revolve around the Sydney Olympic logo.

The 8-piece gold coin set is begun with the Olympic Logo and Rings coin that feature the colored Sydney Olympics logo along with the Olympiad rings. This gold coin is further enhanced by a border of flames representing the fires of the Olympic torch that compliment its black background. This theme of black, gold and choice colors would continue in each gold coin following the initial one, with every coin revolving around a specific theme, those being: Dedication, Preparation, Achievement, and the Olympic Torch.[2]

Each theme is portrayed in a highly ornate reverse design that incorporates the black background / gold design and choice colorations that were featured in the introductory coin. The most remarkable feature of the 2000 Sydney Olympic gold coins is its attention to the detail in the borders. Among the most notable are the Olympic torch coins that feature highly detailed depictions of runners and Olympic torchbearers in different strides, carrying the Flame of the Olympiad aloft and the Achievement coins that feature modernist representations of each Olympic sport in color along the borders. Each 2000 Sydney Olympic gold coin features the logo of the Sydney Olympics and the Olympic Rings below every engraving, along with any accompanying mintmarks (usually a ‘P’, designating the Perth Mint as its place of origin) incorporated subtly into the whole of the design.[4]

As with every issued coin of Australia, the 2000 Sydney gold coins feature the bust of Queen Elizabeth II with the legend: ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ along with its face value (A$100) and date of mintage. Each 2000 Sydney gold Olympic commemorative coin weighs 10 grams of pure gold, with a limited mintage of only 30, 000 gold coins per theme. Because of its highly ornate nature and unique craftsmanship, the Sydney gold commemorative coins are extremely valued both individually, and as a complete set. Owing to its popularity since its release as well as the limited number of coins produced, the 2000 Sydney Olympic gold proof commemorative coins are now almost unavailable, and any sets or individual coins that happen to be on sale are now doubly expensive.

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