Canadian Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins

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In celebration of the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, all of the commonwealth mints under the British Royal Mint designed and minted their own commemorative gold bullion coins to mark the event. Next to Australia’s and Great Britain’s Diamond Jubilee gold coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also designed and created their own set of three distinctly unique coins to immortalize the event. Created by master craftsmen, these commemorative gold coins make for excellent investment pieces and numismatic collector’s items owing to their one-of-a-kind nature and extremely limited availability.

The first of three distinct coins that have been expressly minted by the Royal Canadian Mint is now referred to in numismatic circles as the ‘Cypher’ coin. The Diamond Jubilee Royal Cypher gold coin is a uniquely minted gold coin that features the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side of the coin. Minted from pure 99.999% fine gold in proof quality, and hand-polished to a mirror finish, it feature the EIIR (E II R – Elizabeth II, Regina) cipher surmounted by the St Edward Crown, surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves, along with the official Canadian logo of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (a diamond with a maple leaf, inscribed with the numeric value of ‘60’). The dates 1952 – 2012 are inscribed on each end of the maple wreath, and the legend CANADA and the face value of 5 Canadian dollars are inscribed above and below the coin’s diameter. The obverse side of the coin features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legends ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA’ (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina - Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God Queen). Owing to the delicate nature of the coin, each limited issue gold proof coin is encased in a clear acrylic round, accompanied by a richly decorated collector’s display case.[1]

The second version of the Canadian Diamond Jubilee gold bullion coinage is a one-of-a-kind coin that bears two ‘heads’ and is the first ever gold coin to be struck in ultra-high relief proof quality. Featuring a standard portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse with the typical legend, the most stunning feature of this unique coin is its obverse design. Created by Canadian portrait artist Laurie McGaw, it displays a left-facing bust of the queen (the first-ever to be minted in the history of British / British Commonwealth coinage) which was made with a special process that rendered it in ultra-high relief, making the coin more like a medal than a currency.[2] Made from 99.999% fine gold, with a face value of $50 (Canadian dollars), and weighing in at a hefty 33.17 grams of pure, fine gold, the $50 dollar dual-effigy ultra-high relief Diamond Jubilee coin of the Canadian Mint is sure to be a collector’s favourite. Limited to only 500 numbered pieces it is a prime coin for both its numismatic value and its worth as investment. As with the first version, this highly detailed bullion coin is encased in a hard, clear acrylic round to protect it from damage brought about by shipment and handling.

The third, and perhaps most magnificent gold coin minted by the Canadian Mint for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II is a one-of-a-kind diamond encrusted pure 99.999% fine gold hand-polished proof coin bearing two different effigies of the queen. Akin to the Perth Mint’s own diamond encrusted Diamond Jubilee gold bullion coin, but of a finer caliber possessing an even larger, 0.11 – 0.14 ct round brilliant cut diamond, it holds the unique feature of being viewable from both sides of the coin (unlike the Perth Mint version), thereby maximizing its clarity and sparkle. Each coin and its diamond comes with an individual tracking number and is limited to only 1, 500 coins. The obverse side bears a detailed current bust of the monarch, with the legends ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA’, offset by the rear end of the diamond slightly to its left near its generous border. The reverse side of the coin features a dramatic portrait of a slightly younger queen in formal garb, with a crown, her hand slightly outstretched as if to reach the diamond that is suspended to her right.[3] It bears the legends ‘CANADA’ and the face value of 300 Canadian dollars. Pricing at approximately $2, 000, it is a coin that is well-worth the investment for its richly executed artistry and one of a kind finishing touch. As with all the other Royal Canadian Mint Diamond Jubilee bullion coins, this beauty is encased in a clear acrylic round to prevent scratches and damage.

With each three coins being only of a limited make, both investors and collectors of rare and extraordinary gold coins will be sure to find the Canadian Mint Diamond Jubilee gold coins exceptional and memorable.

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