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The Discover Australia gold bullion coin set are especially minted gold coins created by the Perth Mint of Australia to showcase the different landscapes and unique animals that can be found solely in their native soil. Initially released in 2009 – 2010 with the ‘The Dreaming’ series of coins, it was shortly followed by the ‘The Dreaming’ 2011 set, and the most recent ‘Australian Animals’ series that was recently released in the early months of 2012. The Discover Australia series capitalizes on the ever-increasing gold bullion market for both investors and collectors by creating coins of unparalleled beauty and fineness that display endemic scenery and fauna that have come to symbolize Australia over the years. Released only in limited numbers as collectible proof coins in the same vein as all their other gold bullion, the Discover Australia series became a hit after its initial release in 2010 due to its unsurpassed beauty and craftsmanship. Made with the Perth Mint’s trademarked 99.99% gold fineness, they are valued not only for their purity and quality, but are also treasured in numismatic circles due to their limited scale of production – a feature which will ultimately affect the eventual price of the coin after the production run has ceased, or stocks have been sold out.

Planned in 2009 and introduced to the global bullion and numismatic market in 2010 with the first release of a set called ‘The Dreaming’, it incorporated a unique interpretation of one of Australia’s most unique animals – the platypus. Designed by indigenous artist Darryl Bellotti, the Dreaming set features a one-of-a-kind depiction of a platypus using traditional aboriginal symbolisms, creating a coin that represented the original artwork of Australia’s natives prior to its colonization. Named after the mythical ‘Dreamtime’ of aboriginal belief, the Dreaming set comprised three different denominations of the unique design, in 1/25 oz, 1/10 oz, and ½ oz weights with face values of A$5, A$15, and A$50, respectively. Made with 99.99% fine pure gold, each size comes in a set of three sizes featuring the different reverse designs with the legends ‘DISCOVER AUSTRALIA’ and ‘PLATYPUS’, along with its date of mintage, weight, and fineness. The obverse design depicted the typical portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legend ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ and the face value of the coin. Each coin from all three different denominations was minted in proof quality and carried the mintmark of the Perth Mint, a tiny ‘P’ inscribed beneath the platypus design on the reverse. Unlike the other Australian gold coins, the Dreaming Discover Australia run did not come encased in a hard clear acrylic round, although some sellers have remedied this sight deviation. Each size also came in sets of each denomination beautifully encased in a display box.[1]

The following year, the 2012 Discover Australia series of coins were released, this time showcasing five different animals endemic to Australia’s natural landscape. Featuring the red kangaroo, the kookaburra, the whale shark, the goanna, and the green-and-gold bell frog, it is one of the most highly detailed of Australia’s bullion coins to date.[2] Each minted in limited quantities and available in ½ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/25 oz denominations (with face values of A$50, A$15, and A$5, respectively), they are minted in high-relief proof form, accompanied by the legend ‘DISCOVER AUSTRALIA’, the name of the featured animal, the date of mintage, as well as its gold weight and purity. The mintmark of the Perth Mint is also shown as a sign of authentication of it being a real Perth Mint proof coin. The obverse design featured Queen Elizabeth II, with the legends ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ and the face value of the coin. Each coin came in individual sizes, although sets of three different sizes for the five animals are also available. Just like the 2010 – 2011 Dreaming set, many of these coins were not encased in clear acrylic rounds, although some possess a singular display box.[3] The sets of three showcasing the different sizes also came with its own unique display case akin to the earlier versions. All Discover Australia proof bullion coins carry a certificate of authenticity with a unique number indicating its mintage count. Both the Dreaming and the new animal versions are highly sought-after by both collectors and investors alike and display one of the most creative fetes of minting done by Perth Mint to date.

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