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Junk Silver Coins
Above: Typical example of Junk Silver Coins:
USA 90% silver "Walking Liberty" Half Dollars.
Worth around $13 each in Feb. 2012

Most of the companies that sell silver will also buy silver back, at a slightly lower cost. But of course, you need to realize enough gain to overcome fees and shipping costs etc. These little things can eat into your profit margins.

Whereas buying can often be done online, when you are selling back to a bullion dealer you will more likely need to pick up the phone.

You can of course sell coins on ebay. If doing so, already having an account with a 100% positive feedback score will assist greatly. I have sold numerous lots of silver coins on ebay. The most important thing if you are going for profit, is to be able to calculate the shipping fees, paypal fees, ebay fees and give yourself enough margin to make money. It's pretty tight but you can see what the other sellers are charging. In general, if the price has gone up since you purchased, you will probably be able to sell at a profit. I would only advise selling silver coins on ebay if you are already an experienced ebay seller and "know the ebay game". If not, I would suggest learning how to sell on ebay by selling some small, lesser-value items you own but no longer desire to keep. By the time you have made several of these sales you will know the ropes and know whether ebay is for you.


You will need to be able to package your silver coins securely so that the package doesn't break and spill silver coins. This requires some skill. Proper coin bags are advised, as these are designed to not burst open with the weight of the coins - and these should be enclosed in a good, sturdy cardboard box. Coin tubes can be used to secure smaller numbers of junk silver coins. Filler needs to be added so that the contents don't move around in the box - and this is especially important as you don't really want anyone guessing what's in the box. Don't go with a box that is way too big for the coins, as they can be prone to greater movement inside. Finally, the box should be taped SECURELY with good quality parcel tape, so that the seams don't split open if the box gets rough-handled. You know how it is with shipping, you've always got to package it a little more securely than you think you need to...

Important tip - if you are shipping internationally, be aware that some countries may have legal restrictions on the import of bullion items. Shipping valuables abroad can be a lottle more complex and I would suggest to sell in your own country if possible, you are avoidong potential headaches that way.

Please note - please be aware that buying and selling bullion items is highly speculative and there are of course substantial financial risks. This web site is not investment advice and we do not make any actual recommendations.

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