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1. Introduction

Your information privacy is important to us. Here is This Website's privacy policy.

2. Modification

I reserve the right to make updates to this Privacy Policy at any time, and without giving prior notice, by simply posting an updated privacy policy here at this page. This policy will be viewable on the site from the link at the foot of each of the site's other pages. Please check periodically for updates. Your use of the site constitutes your acceptance of the current Privacy Policy.

Click here to view previous privacy policy information.

3. Email List

This Website currently does not have an email list

4. Children's Online Privacy

This Website does not knowingly collect information from, or sell to, children under the age of 13.

5. Third Party Services

As you use This Website, information may be collected using various systems such as, but not limited to, cookies, server logs, Google Analytics and pixel tracking. Data collection and processing practices are set forth below.

Log files

As with most web sites, logs are automatically created which register the IP address and other information such as the date and time of access of This Website. I may use this information for general administrative, diagnostic or market research purposes. This web site uses common server-side statistics utilities, such as Awstats, that are provided by This Website's hosting provider. These utilities provide user demographics such as the user's country and city of location, IP address, browser type, and keywords used in searches used to find this site - and I may use such data for the purposes of optimizing the "performance" and quality of This Website, and for market research.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the major ad types that we display on this website. Google's own words about this: "We encourage you to link to this user-facing page explaining how Google manages data in its ads products. Doing so will meet the requirement of our EU User Consent Policy to give your users information about Google’s uses of their personal data.”

Google Analytics

This Website uses Google Analytics in order to track visitor activity with a view to observing and improve site performance, and for market research. This retains information that Google does not deem to be "Personally Identifying Information" (PII). Google Analytics uses cookies to measure user interactions on websites. Full details on GA cookie use here:

Google Analytics may use cookies - and the information (such as, but not limited to, IP address, geographic location (town and country), date and time of access, time spent on site, keywords used in searches to find This Website) generated by the use of Google Analytics is transmitted to, and stored by Google Inc. I have access to this data but have no control over how this information is used by Google Inc. Deletion of personally identifying information is available upon request. Google Analytics' Policies can be viewed here:

Facebook Fans

If you have "liked" and are therefore a member of one of our Facebook fan pages, we are able to view your Facebook profile with the same level of privilege as any other regular Facebook user is able to view it. We do not scrape, harvest, copy or process this information in any special way and we do not store it in any archive other than the Facebook fan page itself. Our interaction with our fans consists of moderating comments, occasional extended dialogue and occasionally banning users. Removing yourself from one of our fan pages is simple, just visit the fan page and 'unlike'.

Facebook tracking pixel

We do not currently utilize Facebook Pixel or other tracking pixels on any of our websites.

Facebook custom audiences

We do not currently utilize Facebook custom audiences

6. Cookies

- please review our full cookie policy at the link at the foot of this page.

7. Information Security

I have taken reasonable measures to protect such information of yours - whether personally or non-personally identifying, as may reside on my computer systems - such as password access, firewall, and physical locks. However, please note that no internet data transmission or physical data storage can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

8. Links

This Website may contain links to and from other Websites, including advertisements. While I do my best only to link to quality resources, I am not responsible for the practices, privacy policy, terms of service or content of those sites.

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