Pamp Suisse Silver Bars

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PAMP Suisse silver bars are made by PAMP SA, one of the most famous and highly regarded bullion manufacturers in the world. PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux ("artistic precious metal products").

Pamp Suisse Silver Bar
Pamp Suisse Silver Bar

PAMP's company headquarters is in Castel San Pietro, near Chiasso in Switzerland. PAMP also refines other precious and noble metals - gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium and ruthenium. PAMP Suisse silver bars are one of the most widely recognized and highly trusted brands in the world and live up to the Swiss reputation for quality.

PAMP is a subsidiary of MKS Finance SA, an independently-held precious metals refining company. PAMP also makes gold bars which are accepted as "Good Delivery" by the prestigious LBMA (London Bullion Market Organization), COMEX, Swiss National Bank and others. PAMP was also appointed one of five Good Delivery Referees of the LBMA in 2004.

PAMP makes silver bars using both minting (pressed) and casting (poured) techniques. Minted and cast bars have a slightly different look. The minted bars in general appear more "perfect" and precise in shape and the corners of the cast bars are in general more rounded (see image right).

Bullion bars for European markets are typically made in metric weights and PAMP, being a European company, has bars in a full range of metric sizes. PAMP silver bars are available cast (poured) at 1 kilogram (32.15 ozt) (see image), also minted at 100 gram, 50 gram, 20 gram, 10 gram and 5 gram. The company also makes ounce sizes including 1 oz and 0.5 oz.

Pamp Silver Art Bars

PAMP is also well known for its "art bars" - such as the small "credit card" (assay card) mounted bars featuring the image of the Goddess "Fortuna" and the "LunarDragon" bars specially produced to celbrate the Chinese year of the Dragon in 2012. (see example in the image below right). The card mounting functions not only as a protective holder for the bullion, but also functions as a high-security assay certificate - enclosing the bar in a tamper-evident clear plastic bubble and bearing a serial number identical to the one on the bar. The card holding the 100 gram minted bars is bigger than the regular cards used for small silver / gold bars.

Pamp Lunar Dragon
Pamp Lunar Dragon silver bar

The Lunar Dragon bars are evidently very popular with collectors as they can currently be seen trading on ebay for prices way over spot.

Also appearing are 0.2 oz "pendant bars" which are specially drilled so as to be worn as a pendant. These feature a series of artistic flower designs (Iris, Rose, Water Lily, Orchid, and Peony). These bars are also made by PAMP in high purity gold.

Using their own in-house deisgn workshop, PAMP has also created technical innovations such as a "hologram" silver pendant oval bar.

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