Scottsdale Silver Bars

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Scottsdale Silver Bars are manufactured by Scottsdale Silver & Gold LLC, a renowned metals company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Scottsdale manufactures silver bars in several popular sizes, which are immediately recognizable for the prominent "crowned lion" motif on the design. Scottsdale silver bars are minted at .999 purity and several of the Scottsdale products are ISO-9000-2008 certified. Scottsdale guarantees the purity of their bars and will sell direct to the customer. Scottsdale Silver does not have a storefront but orders can be placed from the company's web site and shipped. [1] Scottsdale also sells on ebay and enjoys a "Top-rated seller" rating.

Scottsdale Silver Bar
Scottsdale Silver Bar
- one kilo (32.15 ozt)

One Ounce Scottsdale Silver Bar
One Ounce Scottsdale Silver Bar

It is possible to put actual silver bullion in an IRA account - and Scottsdale claims that both their silver and gold bullion meets the standards required by the IRS for precious metals retirement accounts. The bullion is shipped to a third party depository and stored.[2]

Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bars

One of the better known Scottsdale products is the "stacker" silver bar - as seen in the image on the left. These minted (pressed) bars, available in 100 ozt, 10 ozt and 1 kilo sizes are designed with interlocking beveled edges - a recess below and a corresponding raised central area above, enabling the bars to fit together to form a steady stack. This concept no doubt was intended to appeal to silver bullion accumulators, who have sometimes even nickname themselves "stackers" in honour of their ability to amass a great hoard. The 100 oz bar has been nicknamed the "King Stacker" - however note that this feature is not unique to Scottsdale bars and a few other manufacturers (such as Academy) also make bars of similar design.

100 oz silver bars are in general around 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches - of a similar order of magnitude as a modern hard drive. The 1-kilo (32.15 ozt) Stacker bar, seen in the image, measures 130.6 x 70.31 x 12.75 mm [3] (around 51 /8 x 23 /4 x 1 /2 inches).

Scottsdale also makes a few other silver bars - notably the "Prey" 5 oz "art bar" featuring a "big cat" face design on the front and tiger-stripes on the back. There are also some other "small bars" which feature the same logo as the stackers - such as the one-ounce bar and the 5 gram bar. The diminutive 5 gram bar is just 18.7 x 10.5 x 2.7 mm in size and as with most small bullion bars these days, comes sealed in plastic.

The company also sells silver and gold bullion bars by other manufacturers, such as the 10 ounce "Materion" cast (poured) silver bar, which has the typical rougher, chunkier "ingot-style" look of the old-style poured bars.

Scottsdale Silver Rounds

In addition to regular-shaped oblong bullion bars, Scottsdale also manufactures "silver rounds" in one (troy) ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce sizes which feature the lion design. The smaller sized fractional-ounce "coins" make attractive and inexpensive gifts - however for the serious investor it is worth considering that the "markup over spot" is in general higher with smaller denominations of bullion. For the best price relative to the current spot price of silver, larger bars are typically less expensive (though of course requiring a bigger purchase).

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