Doctor Who Silver Series Coins

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While silver bullion investment originally revolved solely around obtaining as much precious metal by weight as possible and storing it securely until such time when the demand for silver is at its highest, today, silver bullion investment has gone hand-in-hand with the ever increasing interest in numismatic collections. While originally, collectors would only actively seek out rare silver coins that are known to possess some degree of historical value, with the rise in bullion investors today, many private and government-sanctioned mints have begun creating silver bullion coins for the purposes of both investment and collection. The most common features in collectible silver bullion coins are their uniqueness in design, and in their precious metal content. Nowadays even themed coins depicting characters or scenes that comprise the collective consciousness that is modern or ‘pop’ culture abounds.

Among the Royal Mint’s selection of highly collectible silver bullion coins, one of the most popular, at least for people who are fans of pop culture are the Doctor Who silver medals. Based on the highly popular and well-noted ‘longest-running’ science fiction show Doctor Who, first aired by the BBC in 1963, these Doctor Who silver medals are the perfect memorabilia for one of the most well-loved TV shows in the U. K. Not actually coins in their own right, as they do not possess legal tender, they are commemorative medals minted in the same quality as bullion coins. Originally, medals were minted as awards or honourary gifts to exemplary individuals, and the Doctor Who series of silver medallions carry on the practice, as they make for excellent gifts to fans of the show or to interested collectors. Made from .925 sterling silver, these weighty pieces of silver also make for great investment pieces, with many of the designs having been produced only in limited numbers. Featuring a stunning array of highly detailed characters from the long-running series, this range of collectible bullion medals are bound to be a cult favourite among fans and non-fans alike with new additions still being minted to date.

The series jumpstarts with the New Dalek silver medal – a seemingly commemorative coin that marks the re-emergence of one of the Doctor’s most dangerous adversaries, the alien race of the Daleks. Portraying the new Supreme Dalek on the obverse struck in high detail and polished to a mirror finish, it is completed by a stylized logo-like depiction of the Doctor’s notorious TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) in its default 1963 police box appearance, struck likewise in high-relief, and burnished to a mirror finish. It is contrasted by an alternating frosted and mirror background that truly makes the struck images stand out. Specially designed by artist Matthew Bonaccorsi on both the obverse and reverse, this medal weighs a total of 12 grams and measures 28.40mm. It’s highly detailed design is sanctioned by the BBC and is official Doctor Who merchandise in every respect[1].

The series shortly followed through with the Amy Pond medal – yet another masterpiece of numismatic artistry by Matthew Bonaccorsi. Depicting the Doctor’s tentative companion Amelia ‘Amy’ Pond on the obverse, it is masterfully executed to the utmost detail, and contrasts between the frosted and mirror effect, to imitate the artistic effects of chiaroscuro, or light and shade. Like all of the Doctor Who medals, it also depicts the TARDIS symbol on the reverse, likewise executed with the same contrasting effects. Weighing a standard of 12 grams and measuring the same as the New Dalek medal, it is an investment and collector’s item all in one[2].

The last (so far) in what is to be more than just three silver Doctor Who medals depicts the eponymous Doctor himself on the obverse, in his 11th incarnation with a distinctly iconic ‘thinking man’ pose. Done in Matthew Bonaccorsi’s typical frosted-mirrored contrasting style, it depicts the Doctor with the utmost accuracy in detail with its weight and measurements maintaining a standard 12 grams and 28.40 mm. As with every Doctor Who medal, the reverse depicts the TARDIS symbol with the iconic contrasting aesthetics that allow it to pop-out to the viewer[3].

These highly collectible medals are only available for purchase in the United Kingdom, making them must-haves for every medal collector, bullion investor and Doctor Who fan. Each medal is limited to only 5,000 pieces, making it worthwhile as both a collector’s investment, and a bullion piece. These three ‘starters’ are but the door of the TARDIS for the Doctor Who medal series, of which more characters and iconic happenings that have graced the more than decade long show are soon to be minted.

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