Handover to Rio London 2012 Silver Coins

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Nowadays, the growing interest in hobbies that involve the practice of collection is becoming among quite a large number of individuals. Numismatics or the collection of coins, as well as its more ‘beneficial’ hobby, bullion investment is fast becoming one of the topmost collector hobbies, popular for many individuals of all ages and all walks of life. One of the most popular themes that are notable for being ‘collectibles’ are celebratory or commemorative pieces, usually made from precious metal such as silver or gold, but oftentimes also made from base metals just as normal coins are. These themed collectibles are usually made in limited numbers, and, if made from noble metals, would be twice as collectible. Among the most popular collectible coins to date are those that commemorate the recently completed London 2012 Olympic Games.

Handover to Rio

With the completion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Royal Mint of London has created a commemorative bullion coin that celebrates the end London’s hosting, and the welcoming of a new host in the next Olympic Games. Especially designed to honour the literal handover of the Olympic Torch from London to Rio this 2016, the London Mint’s specially designed silver bullion coin combines the best modern aesthetics and unrivalled attention to detail, it is one of the most artistically conceived coins that showcase the truly engaging tastes of modern design.

Executed in a unique and pleasing two-tone design that combines the best of mirror-finished silver contrasted by fine gold plating, offset by choice frosted areas, the Handover to Rio silver bullion coin is among one of the most pleasing bullion collectibles minted by the Royal Mint, and is available in two distinct versions, both of which are made of .925 sterling silver in highly-detailed proof quality.

The obverse design of the coin features a detailed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. It depicts an elderly queen with a tiara, facing the right done in frosted silver (as is typical of proof quality coins) set against a background of mirror finished silver bordered by a nicely contrasting band of silver plated in fine yellow gold. The gold-plated edging bears the inscription ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. FID. DEF.’ (‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor’ – ‘Elizabeth II Queen Defender of the Faith’), along with its date of mintage and face value of two pounds. An interior border of stylized bullets grace the edge of the circumference of the queen’s portrait, beautifully parting the mirrored silver from the plated gold, further adding contrast to the already stunning piece[1].

The obverse design is the most remarkable feature of the Handover to Rio silver coin, as it features a unique interpretation of the closing of the London Olympic Games and its transference to Rio de Janeiro. Designed by artist Jonathan Olliffe, it depicts a slightly modern take on the Union Jack and the flag of Rio seemingly converging in the middle, as two hands, one from London with a relay stick, hands it over to an outstretched hand surmounting Rio’s flag divided by four sweeping stylized lines representing ribbons. The details are set in frosted silver against a mirror-finished background. The borders, plated likewise in fine yellow gold, bears the inscriptions ‘LONDON 2012 – RIO 2016’ along with the symbol of the Olympic Games on the ‘crown’ or topmost part of the coin, with a stylized ‘R’ beneath the Olympic Rings to represent Rio de Janeiro. The edges of the coin carry the inscription ‘I CALL UPON THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD’, deeply engraved around the whole circumference of the coin’s edge. The first version, a proof-quality silver bullion coin, weighs a total of 12 grams and measures 28.40 mm in diameter[2].

The second version of the Handover to Rio silver bullion coin carries a similar design on both the obverse and reverse sides, including a similar adage at the edge and is finished in proof quality. It is, however, made as a piedfort, a coin twice the thickness and weight of the normal one to accommodate for finer and more precise detail. The Handover to Rio piedfort silver coin weighs a total of 24 grams, and measures the same as the normal one, at 28.40 mm. Both of these coins are highly collectible, and much sought-after by numismatists, as each coin is limited to only 12, 000 coins for the proof version, and only an extremely limited mintage of 2, 000 for the piedforts[3]. While the Handover to Rio silver bullion coins are not prime choices for bullion investors owing to their alloyed state (when compared to other coins made from pure .999 fine silver), a few bullion investors may still consider purchasing a number of Handover to Rio silver coins, with the piedforts being more sought-after than the normal proofs. The piedfort version of the Handover to Rio silver proof coin is also available in pure .999 fine 24 karat gold for those who prefer a more precious means of investment.

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