London 2012 London Olympics Official Silver Coins

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In today’s numismatic world, coins have become more than just a medium of commerce, trade or investment. Coins have become in itself works of art that are employed to commemorate notable or historical events. With the recent London 2012 Olympic games coming to a close, a number of mints both within Great Britain, as well as within those countries under the British commonwealth have issued memorial bullion coins to immortalize the historical event. The Royal Mint’s official 2012 London Olympics silver bullion coins are one of the most collectible memorabilia that marked the once-in-a-lifetime event. Considered a numismatic work of art in its own right, these silver coins come in three different varieties, each with their own distinct merits and charm to suit every collector’s taste.

The London 2012 Silver Bullion Coins

The London 2012 official silver bullion coins depict all-original features that mark the coin as among the most remarkable pieces created by the Royal Mint. While the obverse of the coin depicts the standard portrait bust of Queen Elizabeth II designed by master engraver Ian Rank-Broadley, it is remarkable for the fact that it is struck in extremely high detail – a unique feature for a proof coin that truly brings out the full details of the portrait, while giving it added depth and perception, a feat usually only found in high-relief coins. Bordered by the standard inscriptions ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG F. D.’ along with its face value (five pounds) and date of mintage, it is set against a stunning proof mirror-finish background that truly sets off the detail of the portrait, which is equally finished in mirror-quality instead of the usual frosted effect.

The reverse side of the coin is one of the most stunning works of numismatic art ever developed by the Royal Mint. Based on the award-winning design by architecture student Saiman Miah who created the concept in a specially held open competition for the design of the coin itself, the reverse portrays a stunning and absolutely apropos tribute to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Showcasing a central circle depicting the London skyline against the River Thames, it also depicts the iconic structures that make up the general image of London, among it Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Gherkin, the Tower of London, and the London Eye. The inscription ‘LONDON 2012’ is arched above the highly detailed image and is set against one-of-a-kind border consisting of pictograms of the various sports that are featured in the London 2012 Olympiad. To complete the unique aesthetics of the coin, the Olympic Symbol crowns the topmost part of the outer border, and is expressly selectively coloured in the blazon of the Union Jack. It is struck in high-relief, showing the minute details of every pictogram, as well as the detailed reflection of the London skyline against the lapping waters of the Thames all set against a stunning proof mirror-finish. This wonderful coin is limited to only 100, 000 pieces, and is fast becoming a rare collectible[1].

This amazing coin, made from .925 sterling silver, weighing 28.28 grams and measuring 38.61mm is also available plated in 22 carat fine yellow gold. This stunning coin features the one-of-a-kind selective London 2012 Olympic emblem with the full colours of the Union Jack on the topmost part of the outer border and is limited to only 3000 pieces available worldwide[2].

To complete the stunning set, a specially minted sterling silver piedfort coin has also been made available. Weighing twice the normal weight of the silver proof coin, the 2012 London Olympic piedfort coin also boasts a similar design, with the added benefit of being heavier and thicker (weighing a total of 56.56 grams)3. Equal attention to detail and quality is given this stunning piece, of which only 7, 000 will be struck and sold. These coins are truly stunning tributes to a momentous event, and is worth a place in every discerning numismatist or investor’s collection vault.

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