London 2012 Official Paralympics Silver Bullion Coin

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Honouring the exemplary skills of athletic individuals is somewhat commonplace in a world where many exemplary people are able to show off their skills and talents. However, to give ample tribute to the amazing handicapped individuals that continue to wow the masses and affirm the undefeatable strength of the human will and spirit doesn’t come that often – but when it does, it does so with stunning finesse. The London 2012 Olympiad was the perfect setting for just an extraordinary feat, where a myriad of otherwise handicapped individuals showed their indomitable strength and prowess in the 2012 Paralympics. To commemorate the momentous event and all the individuals who had participated in the stunning display of willpower, skill, and the awesome wonder of the human fighting spirit, the Royal Mint has especially designed an original commemorative coin that truly embodies the event in all its varied nuances.

Commemorating the Paralympics in Style

The Royal Mint of London, in commemoration of the momentous 2012 London Olympics had previously designed a series of coins to commemorate the Olympiad. Alongside these wonderful numismatic pieces, the London Mint also specially minted commemorative coins to immortalize the equally awe-inspiring Paralympic Games that were held alongside the normal Olympic Games. The London 2012 Paralympics commemorative coin is among one of the most collectible Olympic memorabilia of this year, and is sure to become a numismatic treasure in the years to come.

The London 2012 official Paralympic Games coin is made from .925 sterling silver and meticulously designed by the expert engravers and minters of the Royal Mint. The obverse side depicts the now iconic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by master engraver Ian Rank-Broadley. Rendered in extremely beautiful detail and set against a stark mirror-finish, this iconic portrait of Her Majesty is also rendered in mirror-quality unlike the more typical proof-quality frosted finish. The obverse of the coin’s border is accompanied by the standard inscriptions ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D.’ (‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor’ – ‘Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Queen Defender of the Faith’), as well as its face value (five pounds) and date of mintage (2012).

The reverse side of the coin is the most remarkable feature of the London 2012 official Paralympics silver coin. The design, an exemplary work of modern art depicting all of the symbols and events that best represent the London 2012 Paralympics was designed by Pippa Sanderson, who was the lucky winner of the open competition for the express purpose of this coin’s design. A wonderful amalgamation of the iconic Big Ben clock-face with spoked wheels representing the paralympiads’ skills in manoeuvrability, a target representing one of the more remarkable paralympic events, and a stopwatch representing speed, it is all brought together by the unifying addition of a clock-face to represent London’s iconic Big Ben. This truly stunning tribute to the London 2012 paralympics is completed by the integration of the official Olympics symbol filled in with selective colouration reminiscent of the Union flag. Rendered in high relief detail and set against a distinctive proof mirror-finish, this coin weighing a total of 28.28 grams and measuring 38.61 mm is a true marvel of numismatic artistry[1].

This exemplary coin is also available in piedfort form, a numismatic collectible coin type that is thicker than the average coin, and is replete with high-relief detail. The London 2012 Paralympics piedfort coin weighs a total of 56.56 grams and measures the same as the normal coin[2]. The piedfort coin features the same designs on both the obverse and reverse side, made all the more remarkable by its high-relief striking. Both coins are limited in number to only 10, 000 pieces for the normal coin and an extremely low mintage of only 2, 012 coins for the piedfort versions making both versions highly collectible numismatic pieces.

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