Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Silver Coins

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Coins are more than just a vehicle for trade and commerce, as they can be used for investments or fail-safes against economical instability. What’s more, coins can be the perfect artistic medium for commemorative tokens or pieces made to celebrate or immortalize a person, date, deed, or event. In the world of numismatics, one of the most popular commemorative collector’s bullion coins as of late are the Diamond Jubilee coins made to honour Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne – a feat previously only held by her predecessor and grandmother, Queen Victoria. To commemorate the event, the Royal Mint of England, as well as all mints under the Commonwealth had issued their own types of celebratory coinage, all of which were made from both precious and base metals, to cater to both bullion investors and numismatic collectors alike. The most popular coins minted by the Royal Mint however are the silver and gold bullion coins, which are not only highly collectible, but doubly valuable as a form of investment as well.

The Royal Mint Diamond Jubilee Coin Coterie

In celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne, the Royal Mint of England started out with a release of three distinct kinds of commemorative silver coins, with one among the three spawning a whole set of Diamond Jubilee themed commemorative coins which are now collectibles in its own right. Available in proof, uncirculated, and high-relief versions, these specially minted coins are some of the most sought-after collectibles today. To start off, the Royal Mint begins the series with its famed ‘double-headed’ silver Diamond Jubilee coin. Available in both proof and bullion quality, it features especially crafted portraits of the Queen in both the obverse and reverse sides created by famed engraver, Ian Rank-Broadley. Made from .925 sterling silver, and weighing a total of 28.28 grams, the obverse depicts Rank-Broadley’s depiction of a younger queen’s portrait originally designed by Mary Gillick. The portrait of the young queen wreathed in a crown of laurels is supported by a wreath of olive and a flowing ribbon, while the date of mintage and the inscription ‘DIR IGE DEVS GRESSVS MEOS’ (‘Dirige Deus Gressus Meos’, ‘God Guide My Steps’) can be found on the left and right side of the bust, respectively. The reverse side of the coin features Ian-Broadley’s powerful and compelling half-body portrait of Queen Elizabeth in her current age, wearing the full regalia of the Order of the Garter struck with the utmost attention to detail, against a stark mirror-finish background. It is accompanied by the inscriptions ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D.’ (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor’; ‘Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Queen Defender of the Faith’, and the face value (in words) of five pounds. The edge of the coin itself also carries the inscription ‘A VOW MADE GOOD’[1].

The second coin to be released in the Royal Mint’s mintage of silver Diamond Jubilee bullion coins is the opening coin to a series of six silver bullion coins that comprise the ‘Royal Duties’ Diamond Jubilee coin set. This first coin, featuring Her Majesty as the head of the Armed Forces, with an obverse portrait of the Queen designed by master engraver Ian Rank-Broadley, and made with .925 sterling silver. The obverse portrait of the elderly Queen also bears the unique inscription of ‘ALDERNEY ELIZABETH II’ along with its face value (five pounds) and date of mintage. The reverse designed features an especially commissioned artistic depiction of the coat of arms of the British Armed Forces, accompanied by the inscriptions ‘DEEP AND ENDURING GRATITUDE FOR ALL THOSE WHO SERVED THEIR COUNTRY’, tastefully stylized in unique font-art[2].

The crowning glory of the Royal Mint Diamond Jubilee silver coin set is the gigantic one kilo silver coin. Made from pure .999 fine silver, and especially designed by master engraver Ian Rank-Broadley, this huge and highly valuable coin depicts the half-bust portrait of Queen Elizabeth II donning the regalia of the Order of the Garter on the obverse, accompanied by the inscriptions ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D.’ (‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor’; ‘Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Queen Defender of the Faith’) along with its face value of 500 pounds. The reverse side of the coin features the full coat of arms of Buckingham Palace designed by Ian Rank-Broadley and featuring the full armorial bearings, with flourishes and supporters as well as its date of mintage, struck in extremely high and meticulous detail[3]. This wonderfully ornate work of craftsmanship is limited to only 1, 000 pieces. The Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee silver bullion coins are truly one-of-a-kind pieces that make for a great addition to any collector’s gallery, or investor’s vault.

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