Titanic 100th Anniversary Silver Coin

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In the world of numismatics and bullion collection, some of the most popular collectors’ items are those that commemorate or celebrate a historical achievement, moment, or act. While this concept is not that commonplace for strict numismatic themes, with the growing interest in bullion investment and its integration into the numismatic world, themed collectible bullion coins have become more popular than ever, allowing many individuals who have a passion for coin collecting to also benefit from their hobby. Due to this increase in the interest in numismatic collections and bullion investment, a whole cadre of different mints from all over the world have been competing with one another for the most unique, creative, and inimitable collectors’ bullion coins possible. In the range of commemorative or ‘anniversary’ bullion coins, the Royal Mint’s own wonderful creations are a league all its own that appeals to a number of different collectors and bullion investors alike.

Remembering the Unsinkable

Said to have been made to be ‘virtually unsinkable’ the RMS Titanic was one of three very large luxury ships of the Olympic class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line shipping company. Designed in Belfast by Harland and Wolff shipyard, the Titanic boasted the finest in quality and sheer capacity for its time. Despite its opulence, the Titanic had sunk due to its hitting an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton (the UK) to New York City (the US), resulting in the death of upwards of 1, 500 people out of more than 2, 200 passengers[1]. The tragic incident brought about various cries of outrage, mourning, and shock from many parts of the world, and is one incident that, thanks to movies and books, is remembered to this day. To commemorate the centennial of the tragic sinking of the Titanic, the Royal Mint has created a commemorative silver bullion coin that features a highly detailed depiction of the ill-fated luxury ship.

Made of .925 fine sterling silver and weighing a total of 28.28 grams, this proof-quality silver coin carries the depiction of the RMS Titanic against the silhouette of the ‘Thane’ memorial statue in Belfast carved and erected by Sir Thomas Brock in 1920. The design was made by the Royal Mint engraver Lee Robert Jones, it is struck in highly ornate detail and features one (if not the only) precise depiction of the luxury ship cutting through the waves on her maiden voyage on currency. Bearing the inscriptions ‘THANE TITANIC MEMORIAL’ and ‘1912 – RMS – TITANIC – 2012’ it is set in a mirror-finish background that sets off the wonderful details of the reverse design. The obverse side features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the inscriptions ‘ALDERNEY ELIZABETH II’ along with its face value of five pounds, and its date of mintage (2012). Available in two versions, the first one comes in a limited production run of only 7, 500 silver coins[2].

The second version of the RMS Titanic memorial silver coin is also made from .925 fine sterling silver, and features the same standard weight as well as images and inscriptions. This second version, a philatelic-numismatic combination or PNC[3] (a combination of a coin, token, or medal that is inserted into an envelope which contains, in most cases, a stamp related to the enclosed item) comes in a beautifully packaged booklet with two first-class stamps from Northern Ireland postmarked in Southampton with the date 10th April, 2012 – a fitting memorial which combines the place where the ship was built and where it first set sail to its tragic demise[4]. Contained in the booklet are tidbits of facts, photographs, as well as stories of some of the passengers of the Titanic from all walks of life. Limited to only 1, 912 in memory of the year of the Titanic’s launch and untimely end, this special memorial coin makes for the perfect gift for nautical historians, Titanic buffs, coin collectors, and historians or history-lovers. Both versions are beautifully packed and make for a great addition to any coin collection or investment hoard, and make for one of the most apt tributes to one legendary ship that has moved a generation.

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