2012 Team Australia Gold Coin

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The 2012 Team Australia gold proof coin is an extremely limited mintage of a unique commemorative coin that immortalizes Australia’s participation in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Expressly minted by the Perth Mint for just the occasion, the highly limited and now scare gold coins celebrate and empower the Australian participants of the 2012 London Olympics. Among the many gold bullion coins created by the Perth Mint, the 2012 Team Australia coin incorporates some of the most modern designs ever found in any of their coinages. Part of a three-coin set, along with a silver proof, and an aluminum-bronze commemorative coin,[1] it is a highly artistic and rare coin that is rivaled in craftsmanship and detail only by the 2000 Sydney commemorative 8 coin proof bullion set.[2] Minted by the Perth Mint with the authorization of the Australian Olympic Committee, the 2012 Team Australia gold coin is made of the standard 99.99% fine pure gold that has made the Perth Mint world-famous. Available in both the 10 gram standard gold coin and the 2 oz limited release gold coin (only 30 coins of the latter have been minted, with only a few remaining coins yet un-purchased), the 2012 Team Australia gold coin is soon to become a highly-prized collector’s item.

The ten-gram 2012 Team Australia gold coin comes in a limited mintage of only 2, 012 coins and can be purchased individually, or as part of the three-coin Olympic commemorative set. Featuring a unique reverse design created by Wade Robinson that showcases the Australian team logo and an athlete holding the Australian flag aloft as he is standing on a podium, the coin bears the inscriptions ‘2012 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM’ and the tagline ‘GOLD! GOLD TO AUSTRALIA! GOLD!’, a quotation from famed Australian athlete Norman May. The reverse also indicates its weight and gold purity. Minted in proof quality, it bears the mintmark of the Perth Mint on the lower left of the podium and features a unique colored Australian flag unfurled above colored Olympic Rings.[3] The obverse of the coin bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legends: ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ along with the date of mintage and its face value of A$60.

The second, even rarer version is the 2 oz 2012 Team Australia gold coin. Bearing the same reverse design as the 10 gram coin with only some slight variations (created by the same artist as that of the former), the 2 oz coin is even more sought-after than the 10 gram one owing to its very limited production run. Made with the same gold standard purity, it is one coin that is sure to become a numismatic treasure in less than a year. The obverse portrays the bust of Queen Elizabeth II with the legend ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ as well as its date of mintage and its face value of A$200 dollars.[4] Prized at near $7, 000, only a very limited number of these coins are available in the market today, with un-purchased remnants dwindling fast. Unlike the other gold coins created by the Perth Mint, the 2012 Team Australia 10 gram and 2 oz coins do not come encased in the standard clear-acrylic round, but are instead housed in a unique limited display case (with the latter including a rare radio recording of the ‘GOLD! GOLD TO AUSTRALIA! GOLD!’ quotation inscribed on the coin) that completes the commemorative look of this truly one-of-a-kind coinage.

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