Australian Diamond Jubilee Gold Coin

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The Australian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee gold bullion coin is a distinct mintage expressly created by the Perth Mint of Australia to celebrate Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne. Distinct from the Royal Mint’s own 2012 Diamond Jubilee bullion coin,[1] the Australian Diamond Jubilee coin is yet another remarkable fete of numismatic craftsmanship as only the Perth Mint could accomplish. Created from 99.99% fine pure gold, the Diamond Jubilee gold coin carries a unique feature – that of a diamond imbedded into the coin itself, found on the reverse side next to a younger portrait of the queen. While the integration of gemstones is not a new numismatic aesthetic (what with the Austrian Snow Queen Coin, and the Treasures of Australia gold bullion coins), the use of an authentic natural mined diamond in a coin of pure gold has never before been attempted in the history of numismatics, making the Australian Diamond Jubilee gold bullion unique. With a limited production run of only sixty coins and a controlled purchase rate of one coin per person, this one-of-a-kind memorial coin has turned the heads of numismatic collectors and investors due to its triple value. Combining the worth of the gold by weight, the value of the embedded diamond, and the inevitable numismatic ‘rise’ in value as its production comes to a close, it is a coin that will surely enrich the collection and coffers of any lucky investor fortunate enough to purchase one. The diamond imbedded Jubilee coin features the portrait of a younger, uncrowned Queen Elizabeth II designed by artist Mary Gillick on the reverse, with the unique embedded diamond below the bust surrounded by sun-rays. Bearing the legend ‘QUEEN ELIZABETH II DIAMOND JUBILEE’ it also features the coin’s weight (2 oz of pure gold), as well as its fineness (at .9999 fine, Perth Mint standard) and the dates 1952 - 2012. With a face value of 200 dollars (but pricing upwards of A$6, 000 per coin), it features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II (standard depiction on all current Australian coins), with the legend ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2012’.[2]

Another version of the Australian Diamond Jubilee gold coin (this one omitting the precious embedded diamond) of a highly limited 1, 000 coin production run,[3] has also been made available. Featuring the same design as the diamond-embedded one, it weighs in at ¼ oz, and is minted in a mirror-like proof finish. With a face value of 25 dollars, and a market value of about A$700 (give or take a few) per coin, it too is a collector’s dream. Geared towards a wider audience than the extremely limited 60-minted diamond-embedded Jubilee coin, the ¼ oz Diamond Jubilee gold bullion coin is also available only until supplies last.[4]

To complete the Diamond Jubilee set, a meticulously crafted, highly ornate coin was expressly created by the Perth Mint of Australia to be the crowning glory of Her Majesty’s commemoration. A stunning and inimitable coin weighing a whopping one kilo of pure 99.99% fine pure gold was made. Featuring a high relief design of St Edward’s Crown edged with ornate diamond motifs numbering Her Majesty’s sixty years of reign on the reverse, the one kilo gold coin also bears the legends ‘DIAMOND JUBILEE’ and the dates 1952 – 2012. The obverse design bears the standard current depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legends ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ as well as its face value of A$3000 dollars, along with its gold weight, fineness, and date of mintage.[5] The one-kilo Jubilee coin is limited to only sixty coins, valued at a staggering AS60, 000 dollars. The set of three coins are all meticulously crafted and hand-polished to a superior sheen. Minted all in proof-quality, with the Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark on every reverse bust, each coin comes with a display case and a certificate of authenticity. Each coin makes for a truly unique and fitting commemorative piece that has yet to be rivaled by any other coin at present.

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