Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coins

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The Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is a modern bullion coin of highly exceptional quality and value which is extremely sought-after by bullion investors and numismatic collectors alike.

The Vienna Philharmonic gold coin was first struck on 1989, becoming the only European gold coin produced in large numbers which bears any legal tender. Made of 999.9 fine gold (24 karats), it weighs in at one ounce; measuring in at 37 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness. Due to the popularity of the bullion coin, other fractional sizes have already been minted, with ½, and ¼ troy ounces of gold available; the former being available in two different sizes (28 mm and 16 mm). The Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is unique in its depiction of the rich musical and cultural heritage of the country, featuring a full ensemble of various musical instruments used in the Viennese orchestra on the reverse, and the Great Organ in the Golden Hall of Vienna’s Musikverein, pictured on the obverse side of the coin. The gold bullion also features inscriptions that state the year of issue, its weight, fineness, and face value. Unlike other bullion coins which possess no face value or legal tender, the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin boasts a face value issued under two different currency values.[1]

From 1989 to 2001, the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin was originally issued in Austrian Shillings, with the reverse side featuring the inscriptions: REPUBLIK OSTERREICH; 2000 SCHILLING.[2] After Austria’s inclusion into the Eurozone in 2002, the inscription on the reverse side was revamped to feature a face value denominated in euros, with the latter inscription being REPUBLIK OSTERREICH; 100 EURO.[3]

This drop in the face value did result in a lessening of the coin’s worth however, as, since it inception, the coin had be a highly prized and sought after bullion coin bought by many investors as a great way to invest in gold. Due to its purity and delicate workmanship, it is also sought after by numismatists for purposes other than investments. The Vienna Philharmonic gold coin remains one of the most popular ways to invest in gold bullion and is comparable to the purity and workmanship of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and American Gold Eagle coins. Unlike the more popular American Gold Eagles however, the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is an even better type of investment owing first and foremost to its being made from pure 24-karat gold (in contrast to the 22-karat gold content of most American Gold Eagles). The popularity of the euro as a type of currency, as well as the certified nature of the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin as an official bullion coin issued by stringent standards also guarantees its liquidity, making it a perfect investment that can immediately be convertible to cash wherever one may be.

Unlike the majority of Euro gold commemorative coins which are only minted in limited amounts every year, the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is mass produced for the purpose of bullion investment and is widely available via many secure channels both offline and through the World Wide Web.

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