Danish Commemorative Gold Coins

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A Quick Look at Danish Commemorative Gold Coins

If any country in the world loves its numismatists, Denmark is definitely one of those countries. Known for their stalwart adherence to the silver standard until the latter part of the 1900s and their rare and valuable production of beautiful and often confusing and obscure gold coins, Denmark is also well-known for their staggering list of commemorative coins. While Denmark’s currency system is somewhat confusing to say the least, their coins are highly artistic and ornate examples of mintage that are inimitable. While the production of gold coins (Danish 20 kroners) for general use ceased by around the 1930s (by around this time, gold coins were no longer typically used as legal tender for daily transactions, nor were silver ones for that matter), the creation of commemorative gold and silver coinage to celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and other memorable occasions for the Danish nobility continued. The creation of commemorative coins to mark certain events became something of a tradition, and Denmark’s commemorative coinage even began to issue coins that celebrated the anniversaries of great Danish inventions, innovations, and heroes or historical ‘celebrities’.

Denmark’s penchant for creating commemorative coins in both gold and silver have not only become a somewhat lucrative source of income from bullion investors and rare coin collectors not only due to the highly artistic designs and ornately detailed impressions that can be found in the commemorative coins themselves, but due to the use of precious metals in its pure, unalloyed state making the purchase of Danish commemorative coins not only a worthwhile hobby due to its aesthetic beauty, but also a great investment due to its value as bullion. Danish gold commemorative coins are well-known for their creative designs, incorporating traditional aesthetics with a modern flare.[1]

Seeing Danish commemorative coins will no doubt leave one with the impression that Denmark loves its coins, as they’re the only country that has managed to create commemorative coins that veer away from politics and the aristocracy, going so far as to make an entire series of coins celebrating the world’s most well loved stories, with coins depicting characters such as the Ugly Duckling, the Snow Queen, the Little Mermaid, and more! Their artistic flare for coin making has made them one of the most well-known avant-garde bullion creators of today. While most commemorative coins issued by other countries only mark events related to their national history, Denmark’s gold commemorative coins run the gamut from natural awareness scenes (2007 Gold Polar Bear), to natural phenomena related to its neighboring countries or areas within its borders (2009 Gold Northern Lights).[2]

Due to their penchant for highly creative and artistic designs, many Danish commemorative coins (both gold and silver) have won awards for their artistic flare and beautiful mintage. A number of gold coins have even been lauded Coin of the Year. As the interest in numismatic collection and bullion investment grows, so too the number of commemorative Danish gold coins created expressly for the purpose – a feat which combines sound financial practicality and ingenious aesthetic flare that re-imagines coinage as more than a means to wealth or commerce, but as a medium of art in its own right with uniquely original appeal.

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