Dragons of Legend Silver Coins

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Dragons have always associated with power, might, majesty, and magic. Throughout various cultures, dragons have become everything from the embodiment of evil, to benevolent demi-gods, and even sentient beings of insurmountable power and deep-seated wisdom that came to the aid of mortals in times of need. Dragons have been common motifs in weaponry, jewelry, heraldry, and everyday symbolism – often becoming synonymous with power, prestige and authority. In coinage and numismatics, the dragon also held a long-standing reputation for being a well-know, if not always well-loved symbol. From the English and, eventually, British Sovereigns that featured St George slaying the dragon-form of Satan, to the more benevolent, yet nevertheless equally fierce serpent-dragons of Chinese coinage, the image of the dragon has without a doubt endured.

To commemorate the lasting hold of the draconic symbol and its influence in both cultural symbolism and the collective subconscious, Australia’s Perth Mint has specifically designed and subsequently minted a series of coins featuring a variety of dragon-motifs. Aptly named the ‘Dragons of Legend’ coin set, it comprises five different dragons from various cultures across the globe. Recently released just this year and minted from fine 99.9% fine silver in one ounce denominations, each of the five Dragons of Legend only come in a limited mintage of 5, 000 coins per dragon.

Bearing the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, with a specially designated area of currency – Tuvalu – along with the face value, it is one of the more uncanny of Australian coins (with its being legal tender in Tuvalu).[1]

The reverse of the Dragons of Legend silver coins feature a highly ornate and detailed portrayal of five different dragons, the first being the a Red Welsh Dragon in a highly detailed backdrop of craggy mountains.[2] The unique feature of each Dragons of Legend silver coin is the one-of-a-kind coloration of each dragon image, which allows it to stand in stark contrast from the proof background that gives off a perfect mirror quality that truly compliments the image. Next to the Red Welsh Dragon, a portrayal of a Chinese Dragon (in two versions) has also been minted. Depicting a great maned green Chinese Dragon rising from the clouds, it is one of the most moving coins in the Legends set. The second version (referred to as the ‘Special Edition’, which weighs five ounces) features a distinctly oriental-inspired design that features two Chinese Dragons of a contrasting color amid a background of stylized fish (a symbol of harmony and abundance in Chinese belief), bordering a depiction of a pearl in the center of the coin, which represents wisdom (evoking the role of Chinese Dragons as keepers and granters of wisdom).[3]

The third design reverts back to European symbolism and features a wholly unique and modern reinterpretation of the classic image of St George Slaying the dragon. Featuring highly detailed designs in meticulously exact colorations, it is one of the rarer coins in the set of five. The fourth design features the stuff of fantasy books – a grand depiction in ornate detail of a three-headed (Bulgarian / Hydra) dragon standing fiercely with heads in attention. It is a one-of-a-kind coin motif that has never before been seen, and is executed with such fineness to render the silver bullion coin almost too beautiful to ever be sold for cash. To complete the set of five is a classic portrayal of a fierce European Green Dragon, with wings splayed atop its mountain domain.[4] All Dragons of Legend coins are made in proof-quality, with unique selective colorations. These silver bullion coins are perfect for people who wish to invest in silver, as it is a far more affordable, if equally strong investment material next to gold. The Dragons of Legend silver bullion set also makes for perfect gifts for aspiring coin collectors, or for hobbyists who have a thing for dragons or draconic symbolism.

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