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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins

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The British Diamond Jubilee gold coins are specially minted commemorative coinages developed by the Royal Mint in order to honour Her Majesty’s 60th year on the throne. As distinct from all the other Royal Jubilee gold bullion coins minted by related mints (the Perth Mint of Australia, and the Royal Mint of Canada), the British Diamond Jubilee gold coins come in five distinct versions, each of which possess its own unique artistic flair and collectible value. Minted only in limited quantities, these varietals are highly sought-after collector’s items and investment material, owing to its inevitable appreciation in both value and price (with respect to eventual scarcity or rarity). The first four are minted officially by the Royal Mint, and come in bullion, bullion uncirculated, and proof quality.

The first of the Royal Mint’s four commemorative coins and undoubtedly the most popular is the ‘two headed’ Elizabeth II Royal Jubilee crown-gold coin. Made from an alloy of gold and copper in proof quality, the Royal Jubilee crown-gold commemorative coin depicts two distinct portraits of the queen. On the obverse, the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of the elderly Queen Elizabeth II in period attire wearing a crown, with the legend: ‘ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D.’ (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor - Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Queen Defender of the Faith) along with its face value (FIVE POUNDS). The obverse design features Ian Rank-Broadley’s recreation of Mary Gillick’s ‘young Elizabeth’ bust. Depicting a younger queen supported by a wreath of olives, it bears the date of mintage and the legend DIR IGE DEVS GRESSVS MEOS (Dirige Deus Gressus Meos - God guide my Steps).[1]

The second version, known only to limited numismatic circles, features the Ian-Rank Brodley Diamond Jubilee portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse (boasting a similar legend, and the face value of five pounds), and a powerfully compelling depiction of an enthroned Queen Elizabeth on the reverse, with the legends ‘DILECTA REGNO’ (Beloved Ruler / Lovely Realm), and the dates 1952 – 2012 in Roman numerals.[2]

The third version of the British Diamond Jubilee commemorative bullion coins is a redesign of an old classic. Featuring a bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse with the legends ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF’ (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fides Defensor - Elizabeth II Queen Defender of the Faith), and a uniquely dramatic re-design of the original George and the Dragon design of Benedetto Pistrucci by artist Paul Day, the brilliant uncirculated sovereign coin is made of 22-carat crown gold, with the date of mintage incorporated into the revamped classic reverse design.[3]

To wrap up the four-coin set, the Royal Mint also created a highly ornate and meticulously crafted gold one kilo coin. Portraying Broadley’s Diamond Jubilee portrait of the queen on the obverse along with the respective legends (and a face value of 1000 pounds), as well as a highly ornate depiction of the complete regalia of the Royal Coat of Arms framed by laurels, with St. George slaying the dragon separating the two numerals of 2012, this one kilo gold coin minted with pure 99.99% fine gold with a limited number of mintages numbering at only 60 coins.[4]

Perhaps the most ostentatious of all the commemorative gold coins minted for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee would be one-kilo diamond encrusted gold proof coin especially created by the East India Trading Company. With historic ties to the British monarchy since the olden days, the East India Company commissioned a special coin to be designed and minted by the Royal Mint that would commemorate Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne as befits a monarch of her stature. Featuring a unique frontal portrait bust of the queen wearing a crown, necklace and brooch, each of the queen’s accessories is encrusted with precious diamonds. To complete the look, the legends ‘ELIZABETH REGINA’ and ‘DIAMOND JUBILEE 1952 – 2012’ surround the coin’s diameter.[5] Priced at about £125, 000 and limited to only 60 coins, this special commemorative coin is bound to be an investment giant for those fortunate enough to own such a unique coin.

The Diamond Jubilee coins are all of a limited number, making them excellent investment choices whether as bullion, or as unique numismatic pieces. For investors and collectors who wish to possess these unique pieces but lack the necessary funds to procure them in gold, the minters have also created versions of each five commemorative coins in silver, with the latter two being only limited to 60 silver coins.


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